Poultry Feeds

chicken feed

Types of Poultry Feeds Animal Product Kenya

Just like humans, birds require different types of Poultry Feeds Animal Product Kenya at different stages of growth. Below are the types of feed given to broilers and layers.

Poultry Feeds Animal Product Kenya for Broilers

Broiler Starter: This is high in protein and energy and is given from day old until 4-6 weeks old.

Broiler Finisher: This has a lower protein and energy content than starter. It is given from about 4-6 weeks until target weight is attained.

Feed for Laying Birds

Starter: Layers can be given broiler starter in their chick stage. This is given for the first 8 weeks. They can also be given chick mash.

Grower Feed: Given from 8 to 20 weeks or when 5-10% of the birds start laying.

Layers Feed: It is introduced when 5-10% of the birds start laying and it is given until the birds are sold.

Feed for Cockerels

Broiler/Chick Starter: Given for the first 6 weeks.

Low Quality & Cheap Feed: After 6 weeks, the farmer may formulate a cheap and low quality feed from soybean meal, groundnut cake, maize, palm kernel cake, vitamin mineral premix etc. Alternatively, the cockerel can be allowed to free-range and their scavenged feed supplemented with small quantity of high quality feed.

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