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Pig Feeds Animal Products Kenya

Good Pig Feeds Animal Products Kenya contains sufficient energy, protein, minerals& vitamins. It is advisable to feed them twice a day (morning and evening). Their age depends on the type of feed they will eat. The Young need succulent diet high in amino acid. After three months, they could be put on adult feed that will have lower levels of protein. Aside from concentrates (formulated feed), you can offer them other feeds like grass, vegetables and kitchen waste.

What makes up the pigs feed

– Carbohydrate
– Protein
– Fat and oil
– Minerals
– Vitamins
– Water

Some feed ingredient for formulation of pigs diet.

 Maize- Grains forms major constituent of the
feed. It is a good source of energy, Metabolize energy of about 3300kcal/kg, with about 10% crude protein.

Brewer dry grains- this is a by-product of brewers industries. The energy level is low and about 18% crude protein. It contains high fiber content of about 20%.
Fish meal- it is a good source of animal protein. It is rich in both essential and non-essential amino acid.
• Groundnut cake – it is a good source of plant protein. Contains about 45% crude protein.
• Soybean meal- another good source of plant protein, contain around 45% crude protein.
• Bone meal- this is a good source of calcium and phosphorus which is responsible for bone and skeleton.
• Oyster shell- another good source of calcium.

• Sweet potato- this is also a good source of energy. Boiled sweet potato could be given to pig directly.
• Cassava- cassava is a good source of energy but with low protein. The major limitation in using cassava is the presence of anti-nutritional factor. Cassava/cassava peel must be properly dried before been fed or incorporated with other feed ingredient.

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