Type Of Animal Feeds We Have.

We don’t practice agriculture just because it is fun. We also practice it because of the money! African Youth can’t be encouraged to practice agriculture without revealing to them how lucrative it is. It is an evergreen business because come rain come sunshine, man must wack (eat). From the experience we’ve gathered over the years, we decided to create this website so that you too can also benefit. To get your Animal Feeds please Go to Products and Order now

Horse Feeds

First, you need to look at the bigger picture when considering Horse feeds. Horses by nature are grazing animals. A horse should be provided with 1.5 to 2% of his…

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Sheep Feeds

Feed stuffs for sheep and lambs Sheep Animal Feed Products While forages are the most "natural" diet for sheep and lambs and usually the most economical, a sheep's nutritional requirements…

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Pig Feeds

Pig Feeds Animal Products Kenya Good Pig Feeds Animal Products Kenya contains sufficient energy, protein, minerals& vitamins. It is advisable to feed them twice a day (morning and evening). Their…

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Cattle Feeds

Feeding beef cattle's cattle feeds is part science and part art. Cattle farmers tend to have their own beliefs about healthy feed for beef cattle, and it seems every few…

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